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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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your family members and friends for sharing them with us and the san francisco police department and to all of you and the retired officers present and the current officers i can't thank you all enough for what you do. you're here here heroes and we have supervisor to say a few words. >> hello everyone. good evening commissioners, chief suhr and all the officers standing here. i wanted to thank you for all of your work and not just what happened at the airport and everything that you do and on behalf of the board of supervisors we wanted to thank you for that as a token of our appreciation we have signed by all members of the board a certificate of honor for you so thank you very much. [applause] >> officers chief suhr is going to appreciate you with the
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certificate of appreciation. >> so while that is being passed out i want to thank you very much, the commission, the supervisor for really getting on this right a way. it means a lot to the people. the airport is a very special place to work and all these people standing behind me i've had the privilege of working with before in different capacities and some as fellow officers in radio cars and there were one lieutenant and sergeant and 14 officers working and another service aides working and supervisor working and that was it for the airport for the pd: i was notified of the event within two minutes of the occurrence much the airport was modified as it
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was happening by san francisco police officers. there was so much that happened that day that we could point to pride and the steps these four took and it amazed me as i arrived in the air field and amazed me for the next 12 years as they kept control of the airport and as the moving through the week and the stories came out and it's a privilege to be in front of you with these people and they did a tremendous job and i thank you for honoring them. >> thank you very much chief. [applause] now with recipients we would like to hear from you starting with you officer lee. you're the first or do you want to defer to the lieutenant. you make the call. >> [inaudible]
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>> lieutenant caltagirone will talk. >> speaking on behalf of the troops. if it wasn't for the troops that day i don't think we could have accomplished that goal. i had a great team. it was wonderful. everyone was doing their job. i didn't have to tell them anything to do. i looked around and everyone was doing what they were supposed to do without me barking out orders. my main concern is when do i say this is enough because the plane was engulfed in smoke and fire and pull out and the last thing i wanted to see is my officers get hurt. fortunately the fire department kept throwing foam on the fire and gave us more time to fight the battle to get people out and we won and we won as a team and you can't ask for a better team than my officers that are standing behind me and the officers out
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on the field including also the joint efforts of the fire department, the psa's, the airport safety officers out on the runway helping us out, the joint agencies that came and help. we didn't need a radio to communicate. everyone just worked and did an amazing job and people say we're heroes but we do what we do and that's our job and now we're proud to do it and we're proud to be san francisco police officers. >> thank you lieutenant. >> well said. [applause] >> don't be shy jimmy. i know you're not shy. come on. jimmy comes from a long line of police officers. his brothers are in the department. >> thank you for the awards
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here. i am honored, but a lot of other people did a lot of good work that day and it's kind of hard to remember everybody but i was proud of everybody we work with and everybody worked together without telling anybody what to do and i told one of the people from the korean consulate and we had a thing and it was an honor to help them and it was our job and not writing tickets and there to help people and one of the opportunities to really help people and make a difference in their lives and especially people from another country coming here. a lot of people didn't speak english and i knew how they felt being on an airplane and i think we all knew that and everyone did a good job and i used to be a sheriff's deputy and transferred to the airport and an officer there and i only had a few more lives until i retire and it was an
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mazing day and there were a lot of bad things that happened but a lot of good things too and i think everyone could be proud of the police department and the fire department and all the others that participated and what people are like under stress to come and help other people. i don't know what else to say. >> thank you very much. [applause] annie. >> [inaudible] >> i know. >>i just want to say thank you for recognizing us and i am proud to serve with the officers behind me as well as all of the officers there that day and all the agencies that helped out. i was transferred a week and a half before the event happened. the first week was training and orientation around the airport trying to find your bearings and that was my fourth day of patrol and right before the accident
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happened i was voicing my frustrating how i was getting lost and someone said "don't worry, you will get it" and five minutes later i got it and that was my welcome and thank you very much. i preerngt the certificate. >> thank you for your service. [applause] >> thank you police commission for the certificate in honoring us. i really do appreciate it. we have a great leadership from lieutenant caltagirone. he did a great job out there with fire and public safety and all the other officers that responded to the scene. it was pretty chaotic but he kept things calm and he made a big difference on the scene and our commander and chief and everybody that was out there they really did make a difference and support us, and
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we do appreciate it and we're very grateful, and thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. [applause] >> it's time for the photo opportunity with the chief.
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>> great thank you very much everybody. thank you. [applause] >> please call line item number three please. >> line item three general
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public comment of the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on the agenda but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. the speakers shall address the comments to the commission as a whole and no one in particular and under the rules of order during public comment neither police or occ personnel nor commissioners are required to provide to questions but can provide a brief response and commissioners and occ personnel should refrain from entering into debates with speakers in public comment and please limit the speakers to three minutes. >> good evening. how are you? >> how are you? i would like to use the overhead. i am here concerning my son again who was murdered august 14, 2006. this
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month will be his anniversary and i still have no closure and i have been out there on the battlefield fighting for my son for years. it will be seven years on the 14th. it will be seven years since his death and i still have no closure. i have been out there just not blaming anyone but i do want justice for my child. i put up my son's posters all the time and my own neighbors take them down and call the posters graffiti and it's not graffiti. it says here -- it was in the chronicle and it says "i know who killed your son, mayor gavin newsom said thursday and the da know who killed your son and the police
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know." this is in the article right here and it was told to me. these names are the guys that killed my son. i didn't pull these out of a hat. these are on my son's case down at bryant in his folder and these guys -- they know who shot my son. here are the names. i was given these names so how do you not know who killed my son? i didn't pull these out of a hat. these are the names of the guys and you have one of them and thomas hannibal is out there being a comedian out there and still living and i hear he's one of the guys that pull the trigger on my child and shot him 30 times. these are the names.
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why can't we do something? these guys are still running the street. i'm not here lying to you. go look at his folder. these are the perpetrators that killed my child. how long am i going to suffer? how long am i going to do this? another year, another seven years. i don't want be up here 20 years doing this. i don't want to. i want this to end. i want a little bit of my sanity back because i don't have it. >> thank you ms. brown. next speaker. >> as usual i would like to say -- you know who i am. i am katrina logan bailey and i am very proud of law enforcement
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and i always have been on all levels of law enforcement, but as you know i live in a bad area. i refuse to put up with all that crime and everything that goes on there. that's why i address all levels of law enforcement about crime and so forth, and once again i am here to say thank you very much for bringing in more law enforcement to the area. the police officers are doing a great job, but there is a need for more hard core law enforcement and i think you know that as well, and i just want to say thank you very much. bring some more law enforcement in. crush crime until it no longer exists. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker good evening clyde. >> good evening. thanks for the great hamburgers in the tenderloin last night and sorry that the it couldn't update the
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website to let people know that night out was yesterday. it was great. went to the tenderloin. i went to southern. i stopped by northern for a quick hamburger and then jumped on bart. went to oakland. that's where the reality set in. went up international boulevard. 30 police officers free hamburgers, 20 brothers, young teenagers. i said "hey, hey, they have free hamburgers over here." "it's the police commission. we don't eat with those people" and like that. you see the disconnect. we see the disconnect. there was a great article today i think he's got it from our former chief bratton and in baltimore and with tony bass.
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remember tony bass chief? he was opd and now the chief of baltimore. he wrote an article and he said "75% of the murders in baltimore is all about the suspect. the other 20% is passion. i was think going that. what did he mean by that? yeah it makes sense. 75% is disrespect so if a girlfriend, over a bad drug deal, over you stepped on my territory; you messed with my girlfriend. the other 25% is passion. we have a lot to learn from that chief suhr. i just tried to talk to dean smith in reference to an article that chief suhr is aware, a legal issue, pending with the chief. i was honest with her and denise do you know kelly o'hare and yes she worked
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with us and i said "can we talk about it?" . and she said "no we can't. >> no more speakers. please call the next line item please. >> line item four and review chief's report and fdrb and recommendations. >> good evening. >> welcome back commissioner dejesus. >> thank you. >> we have been busy. although we have been fortunate in the seven months of the year gun shootings are relatively consistent with last year and a good year but still one shooting is too many but the officers are in the right time at the right place and i think you will hear tonight how they were on scene in the midst of a shooting at
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larkfield and farrell the other day and one gang member was injured and killed but his gun was taken into custody as well as another one and the officer -- just like at asiana and right place and right time and take the appropriate action when called upon. on a lighter side we hired service aides and met in the castro with supervisor wiener, the district attorney and discussed public safety in general and one of the cases were the outstanding arrests that we worked with oakland to make of the suspects committing the robberies on pride weekends. one of the videos on television is where the suspect kicks the woman down on the ground. he is in custody along with three others and three have been formally charged and proceeded
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against and great case and help of oakland and good job and make use of video to make the identification. on july 30 we did a kayaking trip up to sauce liteo and had the rodeo at the ballpark and officers from the region from 15 agencies competing in a motorized skills competition. it was very well attended and officer ray padmore who is one of the bicycle instructors took the children off for a bicycle safety class and their own skills competition and a size down if you will course. they did better than i did. last night was national night out all over the city. every district had an action. clyde covered southern and tenderloin for me as you heard. i was at bay view, park,
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northern and bay view, northern and -- we just missed mini-- park. the mayor was out. the bay view had three this year. very well attended. a lot of people were fed and a lot of fun and there was swriewm everywhere and the buy back is at us bank and 22nd and cap street and $100 for any handgun or rifle non assault type. any assault rifle would fetch $200. we encourage anybody to turn in whatever guns you have. any gun off the street is a good gun off the street and then this saturday is our second academy jamboree and the recruits have been working through their time and invited up to the academy with the
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families. it's from nine to one. it's a lot of fun. we expect many youth from the city. we did boys and girls club the first time. we will have presentati officers on horses and other things and putting them in contact with the cops which is a good thing and lastly there was a heightened security mention in the media. this was due to the action taken world wide at consulates. we have a lot of consulates in the city, infrastructure in the city. again we're a destination place so it wasn't so much that the officers did anything over and above other than making their presence felt among the critical infrastructure and consulates and holy places.
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it's similar to what we do anytime the national threat level is raised and around the holy days and we haven't had anything so far but it's good for training and when we have so many new officers and they're get familiar with the district. we're having a bank robbery series. these are the high jump robbers. they appear to be very coordinated both in their skills of jumping onto the counters and actually timing how long they're in these banks, so we encourage the public that if you see someone around the local branch or bank and don't belong and please call and we're working with the fbi and actively pursuing information and hopefully we have a resolution soon. >> great thank you chief. any questions for the chief regarding statistics and recent
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events? hearing none please call line item 4b occ personnel report. >> (inaudible). >> that's right. sorry about that. >> do the fdrb. >> sorry sergeant crudeo.
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>> sorry. thank you. thanks for your patience. president mazzucco, commissioners, director hicks, chief suhr, my name is sergeant john crudeo and with the office of internal affairs and with the officer involved shooting team. i'm going to talk about the officer involved sheeting investigations, our status report for the last quarter and the fdrb summary. the fire discharge review board -- we will start with that. the second quarter the board was
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convened on june 20, 2013 and we reviewed two cases that were concluded. the investigations were concluded. those case are listed here. the voting members are shown here consisted of deputy chief chin who was the chair, deputy chief loftus and smid t and beale and the members were vice president truman, director hicks was president. and staff from the risk management officer and sergeant [inaudible] -- >> [inaudible] >> sorry. with respect to officer involved shooting 13-004 this case was presented by inspector mcdonald and occurred in dublin california on the home of the officer involved. the
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officer was off duty and cleaning a weapon when he had an accidental discharge which struck his leg. he was in the process of repairing a weapon and had actually forgotten if he had loaded the weapon and struck his leg and recovering from the injury at this time. he is back in a limited capacity, and the finding on the case was not in policy. the other discharge we looked at was one occurred that in alfred lake in 2013. in this case a dog charged an officer who was investigating a man that he had seen that was unresponsive and slumped over -- he was slumped over the dog and the dog charged and the officer fired twice and that was determined to be in policy.
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those were the cases we reviewed and forwarded to through the fdrb to the chief. you have the reports i believe. they were submitted june 26. we will get into it in a moment and i prepared this last week and there are some changes and i will put you on your toes. in the second quarter and the open case from 2011 as you see in the copies that you have we have five cases open and the status is pending and close the helped report and finish off the investigative investigation and i got it for 005 and that is moving forward. good news.
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2012 cases, the open cases are these six. 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006. those are open investigations and the other cases are 13-001, 002, 003, 004. that case was presented at the fdrb. that was the accidental discharge. 005, 006, 00 seven, so we have the two cases -- one case they mentioned closed. 13-004. a new case was started 13-007 and we now have the 17 cases open, but of course we have some changes. we had the
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da -- [inaudible] moving forward and we had progress with the da's office and good talks with them and we expect a number of letters coming out in short term. >> thank you sergeant and thank you for your work. when i was on the commission there were 10 times as many cases pending as now and thank you for your hard work. commissioners any questions for sergeant crudeo? hearing none i think you are free to go. >> i have question. thank you very much. whenever this comes up i always ask and according to who is the next commissioner and for the fire and discharge board and i haven't been there for a year plus and i am happy to do it if no one wants to. >> i haven't done it at all. >> do you want to go the next time and if you can't i will do it. >> whatever. i will defer to the schedule. >> i am glad you mentioned it.
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the next one is scheduled for september 19. it's penciled in now. i guess the administration bureau is just confirmed the chief's calendar and we have to make sure all who are going to be present are going to be present and we're holding a large block and this is a big one and we have a number of cases. >> then i won't go. >> sorry deputy chief. sorry sir. >> thank you. >> okay. so it's between me and you. >> we will figure out whoever is available. >> perfect. thank you sergeant. >> thank you. >> all right please call 4b. >> 4bocc discussion and review of recent activities. >> director hicks good evening. >> good evening president mazzucco and commissioners and members of the audience. last night the occ


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